Rejuvenate your body in 5 days

February 10, 2010

Detoxification is necessary to keep your body healthy and it also results to healthy mind and healthy relationship with people.

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Our body has its own means of healing and detoxifying. However, because  pollutants enter our body and accumulates more than the capacity of self cleansing, our inside mechanisms are having a hard time doing all the job. The tissues are then stressed and unfortunately lead to malfunction. And because they are weakened by this, all the cleansing process is very affected.

We definitely need and want a clean body. And we can help our system in regulating the processes of the body. However, try not to wait for your  organs to be stressed out before deciding to do something. A 5-day detox plan will help greatly in keeping the body systems at work. A 5-day detox plan can rejuvenate your body as well as your spirit.

For 5 days, try to stick to the following recommendations.


* Meats (hard to digest)
* Fats
* Oil
* Preservatives
* Food additives
* Sugar
* Caffeine

Do eat

* Fresh fruits
* Green, leafy vegetables
* Garlic
* Broccoli
* Beets
* Beans
* Nuts
* Fresh fruit beverages (except grapefruit)
* 8 to 10 glasses of water daily

Water flushes out the toxins in the forms of perspiration, urine, or stool. So drink a lot of water every day BUT especially during this detox 5 day period.

This will boost your stamina.

A detoxification plan should be done at least once every 4 months. You can consult a nutritionist or a professional to make sure you get a good and healthy plan.

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